Missed Call Service

Give your customer the easiest way to connect with you with a missed call service.

Miss Call Alert

Looking for a missed call service? Consider the best missed call service provider in India with detailed reports, and never miss on any customer.

Better Understanding

Whether you are a new setup or an established organisation you always want to connect to new customers. If you have a technical set up to welcome new customers easily your lead generation becomes simpler. By missed call service you just add your miss call number to your advertisements campaign and the concerned department gets back to all the inquiry calls. e.g. Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX

Benefits of Miss Call Alert

1. Attractive Free Call Back Service To Customer.

2. A Unique National Number For Your Brand.

3. Automatic Disconnection After Single Ring.

4. Auto Generated Message After Disconnection.

5. Details Of Each Call Can Be Fetched & Filtered.

6. Missed Call Online User Panel For Tracking.

7. Cost Effective, Secure & Easier To Use.

8. Automatic Log Forwarding To Other Mobile.

 e.g. Miss call at 9XXXXXXXX and we call you back.

User Verification

We verify user´s mobile number in Case of Delivery, Trial access, Account activation etc. For verification by SMS or Call, it costs a lot to verify. Proactive is a leading missed call service provider in India and our service is a huge hit. It is easy to verify the caller through an alert. Customers place miss call through their registered numbers and hence the verification becomes easy and cost effective.

Utility of this service is very wide for all organisations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls etc. Customers can place a miss call on your number and you get a miss call alert. The service helps you to never miss out on any inquiry.


Miss Call Alert Customers


Repeat Customers


Recruiting new affiliates


Marketing Campaigns


Virtual Receptionist Services


Campaigns Design

How to know who called on my Missed Call Number?

Real Time Web Statics are available with operator & circle wise detailed reports are generated for the same. We can also push the information to your Application/Software.


How the Missed Call Service Actually Works?

When a new call arrives on your dedicated toll free number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring. The detail of the number is then pushed on real time to your Web Server with the. The concerned department can then contact back the customer easily.


Missed Call Alert is a completely automated web based application which enables you to get real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Toll Free Number. It does not require man power the automation is enough to get daily alert reports. Take on Proactive's Services for all your digital marketing needs and let us be a part of your success journey.

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Missed Call Alert  is a completely automated web based application which enables you to get real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Toll Free Number.

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