Holiday Time – Proactive Bulk SMS for Travel Industry

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SMS marketing is used by low cost airlines, tour operators and travel agencies to improve customer service, multiply bookings, promote special promotions and last minute offers, and acquire new sign-ups and bookings fast. Bulk SMS Benefits Helps in long lasting & solid relationships to be built between companies and travellers.

If you’re in the travel and tourism business, excellent customer service is more important than ever – in such a competitive market, it can be the one thing which separates you from the competition. Not only that, a dissatisfied customer who has received poor customer service is a dangerous weapon – for it can take just one bad review on a travel website to turn future customers away.

So how exactly does differing parts of the travel and tourism industry use bulk SMS to best effect? Here are just a few examples on how travel industry  gets Bulk SMS Benefits.

1. Booking Reservations Confirmed by SMS

When a customer has made the important decision to book your transport, accommodation or tour, it makes good business practice to immediately confirm that booking or payment so that they have a record of their reference number and the comfort of knowing their booking has been received. via a simple SMS message to their mobile number, you’ve provided them with a record which they can carry with them at all times – particularly important when travelling and access to email isn’t always available.

2. Change of Itinerary or Booking Details
Holidays and travel bookings are often subject to changes on both sides. Whether it’s a last-minute change of plan to the customer’s arrangements, or unavoidable transport delays, bulk SMS is the fastest and most secure way to ensure that those important details are transmitted quickly, wherever the customer happens to be. SMS is a better  than a phone call, for information such as flight numbers, time of arrival or other facts are already written down – meaning that there’s no chance of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

3.  SMS creates great communication without undue disturbance
Many people choose self-catering accommodation for the simple reason that they require a peaceful, uninterrupted holiday period. SMS messages can be read at the customer’s convenience and don’t interrupt the flow of their holiday. Use bulk SMS to communicate messages such as where to find the key, emergency contact numbers and names, or even just to welcome them to their holiday cottage or apartment.

How can travel agencies and tour operators benefit from SMS mobile marketing?

Generate new contacts
Encourage potential customers to join your SMS club by publishing the number XXXXXX plus a keyword (e.g. YOUR AGENCY NAME) to let them know about last minute deals, promotions and news.

Announce promotions
Use Proactive Low Cost  SMS to announce special offers (discounts on hotels, flights, travel packages, organised tours) during low season to encourage customers to book – which they can do by sending an SMS which is then forwarded to your e-mail address.

Bulk SMS is simple to operate and by using a Pay As You Go service, it’s cost-effective for even small companies to operate – there’s no requirement to sign up for a contract and you can manage your spend easily. You don’t need special equipment or even a high level of IT knowledge to connect with your customers Proactive  bulk SMS Benefits, for there’s a selection of easy-to-use software solutions available, which are all free of charge to users.

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