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  • November 9, 2016
  • SEO
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A telephone is still a must have for businesses of any size, because despite the popularity of the new digital communication channels, none of them have the same ease of use and consumer confidence. In many cases a local number may serve both you and your customers better.  Proactive, Toll Free Number Provider will cover some of the situations where you may want to consider a local presence, rather than a toll free number Service,

Receiving SMS online using virtual mobile numbers helps us to access services where you don’t want to use your personal mobile number. This numbers safe and periodically destroyed and may be being used by hundreds of people but ultimately you get what you need. See more at: Toll Free Number Provider, Proactive offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you make the most of our Toll Free Number.

If your business caters to the national or international markets, chances are that you don’t target specific cities or localities for advertising. For companies that do business nationally or globally, toll free numbers may be better options for marketing, as they encourage calls from many regions.

Proactive, toll free number Provider giving potential buyers the ability to call you without incurring charges, but they also scream that your business is probably located far away from the areas you service.

While it’s true that quality virtual phone services pack toll free numbers with a host of features such as flexible forwarding, porting, caller ID and more, the same applies to local numbers as well.

Additionally, better providers even enable high-end services with their local numbers. This means that even if you do opt for a local number, you still have access to premium services such as a virtual receptionist, call masking and screening, flexible user and extension options, SMS, custom call menus and many more.

Like We mentioned at the beginning of this post, toll free numbers do have their place. However, if making a more personalized connection to customers in specific areas is important to your business, local numbers are still the best way to go.


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